All four of the farmer's daughters together

All four of the farmer's daughters together

About Us

Well Hello! My name is Paula and I am the founder of 'The Farmer's Daughter. I was raised on a sweet little dairy at the end of a dead end road, tucked against the hillside and at the base of a tiny brambling creek that we affectionately like to call 'Alderbrook Creek' (we made that up, isn't it cute?). We were cow pie-jumping, pond-swimming, horseback-riding girls that enjoyed a nice tree fort build in our spare time! It was a great childhood, one that I miss dearly. One of the fondest memories I have though, is in the kitchen. Watching my mamma cook to the sounds of Crosby, Stills and Nash singing in the background, it was always a happy kitchen. Lots of twirls and dips happened in the kitchen(and I'm not talking with a spoon, although that did happen too. Spinach dip, how I miss you!). Anyway, the kitchen has always been a place of nurturing and love for me. More so when it involved sweets! I was always the child that stuck their finger in the icing, or flipped the pineapple upside down cake right side up when mom wasn't looking(because MOM a cake isn't suppose to be upside down, let me fix that for you!). I loved to sneak sweets and I enjoyed creating and baking them as well. Baking and decorating is my creative outlet, my happy place. 😊 I am at home when I am in a bakery and feel such a sense of peace while rolling dough between my hands or spreading satiny smooth icing over a cake. I hope you enjoy the things that make me happy, because every item you see(or taste) is a labor of love. I want the items that come from my kitchen to taste as wonderfully as they look and I am privileged to be able to be a part of your next special event!

With lots of love and bit of sugar sprinkled in between,

Paula aka Oldest sis